surface preparation

Rubberising: Bakkie liners, trailers, caravans, farm implements, etc.

For optimal results on a Rubberising surface in a Bakkie liners, trailers, caravans, farm implements, etc. state, please follow the instructions below for preparation and application. Links to the products utilised in this guide are listed below.


1. Remove all fittings, roll bars etc.
2. Wash down with G.P. Cleaner to remove all fat and oil deposits
3. Rinse with clean water
4. Roughen entire surface to be rubberised for better adhesion
5. Remove all loose and flaking rust and paint. Do not use a rust remover
6. Mask areas not to be rubberised


1. Apply 1 coat Bind
2. If rusted areas are present, saturate areas with Metal Treat
3. Bind and Metal Treat can also be combined
4. Apply rubber Guard by spray or brush
5. Allow for 2 coats on sides and minimum of 5 coats on floor depending on the on the resistance required
6. Apply a final coat of colour over the rubber Guard for a smoother finish.
7. Remove masking tape immediately
8. Allow to touch dry between coats
9. Rubberising takes approximately 8 days to fully cure

Products used