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SelfCoat Rubber Guard


Ensure that all surfaces are free of loose and friable dust, debris, all grease, and other contaminants.
Carbon steel – Power brush to remove all thick and loosely adhering rust, followed by sanding with SELFCOAT BIND to provide a mechanical key. Alternatively abrasive blast clean to at least grade Sa2 of SIS 05 5900 – 1967 with a maximum profile of 40 micrometers. Prime with one coat of METAL TREAT.
Previously painted surfaces. Remove all traces of grease and contamination’s using a suitable degreaser. Test the existing coating for suitability and inter coat adhesion in a small area before applying the full system. Patch prime here required with METAL TREAT.

Suitable for application by rubberising spray gun, textured roller or brush. A brush is ideal for touch ups. Stir contents thoroughly before applications. Clean equipment with water before the touch dry state.